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Designing programs to help your business grow. 

Lynchpin Communication & Design

Lynchpin Communication and Design aims to increase the visibility of small and large business. We accomplish this through customizing approaches to UX research, web design, and consistent imagery. Our distinguished experts will work with you to build a unique approach to meet the needs of your business. We achieve this by designing digital experiences, websites, and online merchandising that represent your organization and help it grow. 



“Lynchpin Communication & Design helped take my business online. I was intimated by the process but my consultant included me in each step of the process and made the entire experience seem more approachable. I would recommend this company if your business needs to develop a web presence.”

"My consultant patiently guided me through the steps of optimizing my web presence. The visual aspects of my online merchandising were not connecting with my customer base in an effective manner. Michael developed an online store with updated imagery that has exceeded expectations. It has also risen online sales 62%." 

“My consultant worked with our target demographic to tie up the loose ends of our website. He streamlined the process for our online visitors and offered suggestions that made it easier for our clients to access and use the full site. I would highly recommend!

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